Just because iOS 9’s getting a quick take-up doesn’t mean people aren’t having a hard time wading through the curds and whey. While not on the scale of iOS 8.0.1 bad, we’re looking at some a crowd of countenance that iOS 9 is causing trouble of some sort. Since the new software push on Wednesday, Twitter has been able to tack iOS 9 as a trending topic with hundreds of thousands of volleys sent so far.

Some have complained about battery issues, others are providing manuals on how to downgrade to version 8.4.1. Most are complaining about lag, UI clashing and crashing and plenty of bugs:

Problems with Periscope have had a slew of specific call-outs. There’s also plenty of people who “actually like iOS 9” and some ask if they’re “the only one who likes iOS 9.” The change in UI font from standard and stark Helvetica to the much more friendlier San Francisco has been getting more favorable reviews.

Of course, fixes and app catch-ups will come and we’re only taking an eyedrop-ful of reactions from an entire lake. But social traffic continues to drive the conversation about all parts — good, bad and ugly — of this software, so from us to you, the question is…

Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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