Back when Windows Phone was first released in late 2010, of course there was a Twitter app available, but no one ever bothered to set up the server-side option for pushing live tiles or notifications for twitter activity like mentions, direct messages, or anything.  That made room for a whole host of 3rd party Twitter apps that were much more functional with all the Twitter functions you’d expect.  Today we finally see an update to the official Twitter app that finally brings push notifications for direct messages, mentions, new follows, favorited tweets, and retweets.  Above you can see the new settings screen where you can customize exactly which notifications you want to see appear.  The pop-up menus allow you to choose whether you want to see notifications from anyone, just your followers, or nobody at all.  The new Twitter app also features a live tile that flips over to show a few of the latest notifications.

Do you prefer the new Twitter app or would you still rather use one of the third party Twitter apps?  Or is Windows Phone’s integrated Twitter support good enough for you?

Source: TheVerge

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