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Twitter Flock could be similar to Instagram Close Friends

By Sanuj Bhatia January 21, 2022, 6:45 am
Twitter Flock Close Friends Source: Twitter

Back in July 2021, Twitter announced that it was exploring more features to provide users greater flexibility and granular control over their tweets and profiles. Back then, Twitter announced its Instagram Close Friends like capability called 'Trusted Friends' which would show your tweets to a small group of people rather than sharing with the whole of the social media.

According to a report from XDA Developers, Twitter is working to bring this feature to the app and could soon launch this feature. Though the company is planning to change the name of the feature from Trusted Friends to Twitter Flock. The publication discovered a number of strings in Twitter's 9.27.0-beta.2 Android app. The string clearly suggest that Twitter Flock will "let users limit the visibility of their tweets to a small group of people."

<string name="trusted_friend_tab_label_inner_circle">Inner Circle</string><string name="trusted_friend_tab_label_recommended">Recommended</string><string name="trusted_friends_add_button_label">Add</string><string name="trusted_friends_appbar_back">Back</string><string name="trusted_friends_appbar_done">Done</string><string name="trusted_friends_focal_message">You can see and reply to this Tweet because %s has added you to their Twitter Flock</string><string name="trusted_friends_list_management_description">People won’t be notified when you edit your Twitter Flock.</string><string name="trusted_friends_list_management_description_label_link">How it works</string><string name="trusted_friends_remove_button_label">Remove</string><string name="trusted_friends_timeline_message">You can see this Tweet because %s has added you to their Twitter Flock</string><string name="trusted_friends_timeline_reply">Everyone in %s’s Twitter Flock can see this reply</string><string name="trusted_friends_timeline_title">You’re in the Twitter Flock</string><string name="trusted_friends_title">Twitter Flock</string>

Moreover, engineer Alessandro Paluzzi has managed to enable the feature on his Twitter for Android app. As it can be seen in the screenshot, Twitter Flock will let users add up to 150 people to their 'Flock' and only those people will be able to see your tweets and reply to them. Similar to Instagram's Close Friends, you'll be able to add or remove people at any moment. Twitter will notify a user when you add them to a Flock. However, the user won't be notified when they are removed from a Flock.

The feature, as XDA Developers note, is a work in progress and isn't live yet. We expect Twitter to officially reveal it in the coming days/weeks. What are your thoughts on Twitter's version of Instagram Close Friends? Let us know in the comments section below!

Via: XDA Developers


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