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Twitter brings back account verification with an open-to-all application system

By Nadeem Sarwar May 21, 2021, 12:18 am
twitter verification

Twitter is bringing back the account verification system that allows users to apply for getting the coveted ‘blue’ check on its platform. After suspending account verification requests in 2017, Twitter has made some notable changes to the whole program and revived it with new guidelines to fit the verification criteria. The best part? Anyone can now submit an account verification request, thanks to a new application system that appears right in the Account Settings section.

You no longer have to torment a Twitter employee in their DMs for account verification.

However, Twitter plans to add more categories later this year which include scientists, religious figures, and academics to name a few. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Those who apply for account verification will then be asked to verify their identity via a government-issued ID card, official email address, or a website. Once that is over, the request is sent for evaluation by humans.


In case your request is denied, you can again apply for getting your account verified within the next 30 days. More importantly, you still have to pass the ‘notability’ criteria that dictate how important or relevant you are in order to get a verified Twitter account. Take a look at what you need in order to call yourself ‘notable’ in the Twitter-verse:

twitter verified rules

However, Twitter is going to verify certain accounts even if they fail to meet some of the ‘notability’ criteria. For example, medical professionals serving in times of public health crisis, journalists covering a natural disaster, founders of a human rights campaign, or activists associated with a major cultural event can be verified on Twitter without passing the stringent ‘blue tick’ criteria.

twitter rules

Additionally, your account must be complete (profile name and image), active (logged in within the past 6 months), secure (linked email or phone number), and mustn’t have a temporary suspension for policy violation in the past 12-months. You can find more information about Twitter’s updated account verification rules on the official support page.


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