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Tweetstorms sanctioned with Add another Tweet button

By Jules Wang December 13, 2017, 12:26 pm

Twitter has put out a steady stream of features that allows users to put out more text at one rather than limiting them to an arbitrary limit that gets cut down when a link, picture or poll.

Now, the company is confirming a feature that was recently dug up — tweetstorms or, more elegantly put, threading. It is now debuting a new “Add another Tweet” button in the composition page that allows users to create multiple fully-featured tweets as needed. All of them can be published at once. Posted threads now also have a new “Show this Thread” indicator in the feed.

This feature, which will benefit the people who contribute to the “hundreds of thousands” of threads sent every day, will roll out in the coming weeks on all first-party platforms.


The general attitude when the 140-character limit was doubled was that Twitter was losing its je ne sais quois. Yet, third-party data claims that people have a new sweet spot around the 190-character mark while short tweets still rule the day — short or long, each side gets to live and let live.


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