Are you tired of the cookie-cutter smartphones being brought to you by the major manufacturers in the market? This years model of so-and-so’s flagship is little more than a spruced-up version of last year’s, or maybe with a design element or two copied from a competitor? It’s this feeling of “there’s nothing new anymore” that may be driving more and more shoppers to check out the options from new faces on the scene: companies like OnePlus. Last month we learned about an eye-catching new option, as pre-orders got underway for the security-focused Turing Phone. At the time, it wasn’t clear just when those orders might start being fulfilled. Today that detail arrives, along with more news about how sales will get underway.

Turing Robotic Industries has contracted Foxconn to manufacture its handset, and aims to start getting shipments out on December 18. We know that’s a long way off, but considering some of the uncertainty that surrounded whether or not this phone would ever ship at all (considering some earlier failed efforts from the people behind it), this is great news to get.

With initial reservations for the Turing Phone now closed, users who signed up will be invited to get their payments in beginning September 21. A few days later, on September 24, separate pre-orders for a special edition Turing Phone will open. This “Dark Wyvern” model (above) won’t be the only such limited version of the hardware, and TRI should be announcing another special edition early next month.

Source: Android Central

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