TSMC believed to be the exclusive producer of the Apple A10 processor

After the so-called “Chipgate” debacle that drew doubt from spec-obsessed people, Apple hopes to avoid taking another bit of effort to even think about addressing such a performance disparity. Apple ordered its A9 processors from two sources — Samsung and Taiwan-based TSMC — and we’re now expecting it to ask only one to produce its A10 processors.

We’ve heard it said before and now an international financial firm is claiming that TSMC will be the sole producer of the A10 system-on-a-chip that is expected to appear on the iPhone 7 next year.

For what it’s worth to you, yes, the TSMC-made A9 chipset performed a tiny bit better than the Samsung-made one.

For investors’ purposes, HSBC expects for TSMC to make $4.6 billion next year from its dealings with Apple, or 24 percent of its business. Up to $2.5 billion of that 2016 revenue will come from A10 sales.

By the way, TSMC’s fortunes have outdone Samsung’s in the stock market this year.

Source: Barron’s Asia
Via: GSMArena

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