Donald Trump thinks Tim Cook is a patriot

One political issue that we often keep coming back to at Pocketnow is President-Elect Donald Trump’s campaign claim that he’ll get Apple to “make their damn computers” domestically.

He told The New York Times about a discussion with CEO Tim Cook that essentially boiled down to providing more corporate tax and regulations relief in exchange for jumpstarting an iPhone assembly plant in the US. Foxconn and subsidiary display maker Sharp seem on board with the idea of that, though chip supplier TSMC is less so.

In an interview with Axios on Tuesday, Trump went back to business and talking about incorporating more automation into the United States widget-making scene. He admits that things like pharmaceuticals won’t be fit for outsourcing and robots, but his focus is to drive down the cost of business in America.

Pivoting to Apple and an American-made iPhone, Trump restated that Cook has his “eyes open to it.”

“[I] really believe he loves this country and I think he’d like to do something major here,” Trump said.

Apple has been investing white collar jobs into R&D centers in Asia and has kept much of its money out of the United States to avoid paying taxes moving funds in.

If it’s manufacturing Trump is looking for, we will more likely hear news from one of Infinite Loop’s partners over the next few months. Unfortunately, if the politician wants to pursue a heavy imports tax against China, get ready to pay way more for an iPhone anyways.

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