Turkish iPhone boycott called for after Trump tariffs, currency meltdown

President Donald Trump was elected on top of a very odd platform when it comes to what a traditional Republican has been over the past several decades. One of the planks to his platform was an aggressive international trade policy, mainly against China.

But that ire has been spread far and wide. For example, the United States recently loaded sanctions against two Turkish government ministers as retaliation for the trial of an American evangelical pastor and has put heavy tariffs on metal exports. Since then, the Lira has been on a freefall in the currency exchanges and has yet to recover anywhere near previous levels.

It’s in the face of this development that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called upon citizens to sell US Dollars and give up their iPhones.

“We will impose a boycott on U.S. electronic products,” Erdogan said. “If they have iPhones, there is Samsung on the other side and we have our own Vestel here.”

Reuters reports that shares of Vestel, a local smartphone manufacturer, rose 5 percent shortly after the president’s speech.

An iPhone boycott would mean double trouble for both the United States, where Apple is based, as well as China, where most of the manufacturing work has been placed. Those two countries are already entrenched in a dispute over duties.

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