Trump adviser: “Tim Cook was most helpful”

Former CNBC commentator Larry Kudlow, now director of the National Economic Council under the Donald Trump White House, said that he and the president “enjoyed” meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook yesterday.

In a quick section of an interview with CNBC, Kudlow also mentioned that Cook “loves the tax cut and tax reform” that Congress passed, which lowered the corporate income rate from 35 percent to 21 percent.

“[Cook] said it’s great for business,” Kudlow went on. “And Apple is going to be building plants, campuses, adding jobs, lots of business investment. That was the first point he made to President Trump.”

The CEO also made those points when he first discussed them in January, noting some specifics like a $38 billion payment to the government to repatriate foreign funds. Other contingent pledges like “plants” have been helped by affiliated companies such as iPhone assembler Foxconn pledging to build a Wisconsin manufacturing facility.

In the vaguest of nods to the current tensions of trading with China, Kudlow also mentioned that himself, Cook and Trump had talked about the country.

“[Cook] has a lot of experience in China, obviously. He was very helpful in making some suggestions.”

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