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Translucent HTC U12+ bringing back a color trend

By Jules Wang May 9, 2018, 10:25 pm

Besides its “liquid surface” look and feel, HTC is bringing back the translucent look according to WinFuture editor Roland Quandt.

After featuring a translucent black color on its HTC U11+, Quandt is now reporting that a “Translucent” finish is in the works for the upcoming HTC U12+ along with Black, Red Rose and Violet colors.

We also covered a possibility of a matte white glass application, but alas, we’re not seeing it here. Relative to previous leaks, he reiterates the display’s 6-inch size and, for Europeans, 64GB capacity.

Quandt finally mentions that the U12+ “won’t be cheap” in his tweet, then, in a follow-up reply, said that the prices he’s seen seem “very high, but probably way off,” so how far up in the air these tags will go is still to be determined.

The phone is to debut in two weeks on May 23.

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