Samsung did not trademark Hello, it trademarked “Samsung Hello”

There was a controversy last year that surrounded the YouTube mavens that made up The Fine Brothers. One part of that scuffle was with the trademark filing it took out with US regulators for the term “react”. Backlash over how they could righteously and feasibly protect the term led to the brothers retracting the filing.

In the case of Samsung, it has decided to trademark the term “Samsung Hello”. Not “Hello,” “Samsung Hello” — not to be confused with Microsoft’s “Windows Hello“.

The term was filed with the European Union and is categorized under computer software. We don’t know if this term relates to the chaebol’s digital assistant in the works, and if so, how Bixby and Kestra might interact with it, perhaps as a hotword or the name of a service.

Nonetheless, do not fear a lawsuit if you are to greet anyone you meet. Also, we know the whole Adele bit is played out, but given how we’re talking about phones and how much of that song revolved around a phone conversation, we’re going to stand our ground.

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