Samsung developing TouchWiz with Vulkan, sees battery savings

Samsung is galvanizing one of its user interfaces by Vulkanizing it. We’re seeing the company put the Vulkan API to good use on the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge already — how fitting that these two devices are the first in Android to support it.

If you don’t know what Vulkan is, it’s a tool that will get graphically-intensive processes running on multiple platforms (not just Android) quickly while optimizing performance for each instance of those platforms. Yep, it’s mostly a game-changer, but it’s so much so that the Android N Developer Preview supports it.

Back to the chaebol, though, as it presented some of its experimental findings at the Samsung Developer Conference. Engineers have been testing a “Touchwiz-like” UI with the Vulkan API in play and not only did things run smooth, but they ran more power-efficiently as well: page scrolling saw a 6.4 percent power savings while opening and closing the app tray used 5.76 percent less power with Vulkan than without. On a 3,600mAh battery, these efficiencies can result in an extra 40 minutes of real use.

Of course, we’re talking about tests, not a final product, and this isn’t even with the full functions of the API. But it’s worth noting that while any manufacturer can take advantage of Vulkan, Samsung definitely should put work to lightening up TouchWiz anyways — while it’s cleaned up on the aesthetic side, it still needs a little more trimming all around.

Source: Android Central

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