PreCentral has released a handful of documentation about the upcoming Topaz WebOS-powered tablet device from HP. What’s interesting is talk of a new version of the inductive-charging system we’ve seen with Palm’s WebOS smartphones, dubbed Touchstone v2. The new functionality is described as such:

…functionality looks to include both Bluetooth for wireless streaming of content and speakers for music.

The tap to share functionality comes via “communication coils” that enable “tap to share” use cases. Here’s what HP has planned for Touchstone v2:

– Wireless charging similar to what we have now

– Wireless picture sharing

– Wireless website sharing

– Wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth to speaker dock

– Wireless map and directions

– Wireless music sharing from Palm smartphone (eg Broadway) to Topaz

– Wireless contact sharing

– Wireless printing

– Wireless video streaming from Touchstone video dock to VGA or HDMI out

– Wireless video game playing via Touchstone video dock

How could this apply to upcoming WebOS smartphones? Imagine a touchstone device, much like you’ve seen before, that is connected no only to the web, but to a set of speakers in your house, your television via DLNA, and more. Dropping your phone into a Touchstone v2 dock would not only charge it, but could beam photos you’ve just taken to your television, computer, or tablet.

Or, this could all be done with Bluetooth streaming, making it wireless. The idea might be to have a unified method of sharing content from your smartphone to various appliances in your house.

Source: PreCentral

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