Software keyboards have gotten so much better in recent years that it’s tempting to find one that “just works” and settle down with it, no longer really checking out the field any longer. If you’ve been worried that you might have ended up in just such a slump you might want to shake off the cobwebs by trying out TouchPal Wave, one of the latest keyboards to arrive.

So, what makes TouchPal Wave so different? It will do all your normal text entry tricks, like predicting words when tapping away at letters one-by-one, or when using a Swype-like gesture interface. The neat bit, and what the “Wave” in the title refers to, is a sentence-based gesture engine.

You start entering a word normally, and then to use Wave you tap on the first correct prediction it makes, and drag your finger down to the space bar. Then, words will pop-up all over the keyboard, suggesting possible next words in your sentence. You can then drag your finger from word to word, entering an entire sentence in just a brief moment.

Beyond that, there’s a whole lot of customization available: skins, button sizes, the works. If you’re interested in giving TouchPal Wave a spin, head on over to the project’s XDA-Developers forum thread and follow the instructions to register for the beta.

Source: XDA-Developers forum
Via: XDA-Developers

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