TouchFLO 3D 2.5 Build 1920 Tour

In this video we take you on a tour of the latest version of TouchFLO 3D (now just called “HTC Sense” in the Today Settings), version 2.5 build 1920 from XDA. This is the version of TouchFLO 3D that we’ll see released on the HTC HD2. As such, most screens don’t work in landscape and thus aren’t intended for a device like the Touch Pro2. Read on for the video!

Things that are new (or that we didn’t cover in our build 1919 tour) include: a weather animation demo from the main screen, new splash screens to represent HTC’s new “quietly brilliant” campaign, an easier way to remove cities from the Weather tab, thinner scroll bars in non-HTC programs, and deeper integration of the Settings, including the new “Pocket mode” and “Quiet ring on pickup” settings. We also get a look at the new Mobile WiFi router program that turns your device into a hotspot.

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