Spanish tech site iPhoneros may have one less source it can trust.

It was sent pictures of what was supposedly the rear of the iPhone 8, a device that is speculated to be high on the value chain. Rumored features include, but are not limited to a vibrant OLED display, a dual-camera system, a new glass-and-steel chassis and on-screen Touch ID authentication.

That last bit has been a challenge to nail down. For a good length, the component manufacturer for the Touch ID sensor was said to be having trouble in the production process. More intel and belief has since said that the game is back on for the feature to land.

It made these pictures somewhat difficult to swallow — a metallic slab with iPhone 7-esque antenna lines with two cameras up on the left and an Apple logo offset by a back-mounted capacitive Touch ID sensor.

Artist Benjamin Geskin, who seems to be shooting up in the tech cognoscenti as we speak, posted a tweet featuring one of the pictures of the device with a heretofore unseen picture of the front of the device which features a very large screen that takes up most of the surface of the face — impressive, but not the curved glass current intelligence calls for.

We could infer that this photoset could’ve been already out in the internet wastelands and incomplete vision was passed along the way. It happens, for sure. But given the scattershot narrative arc that’s being developed at the very same time this iPhone 8 is, it’d be kinda boring just to continually post:

We are learning from our sources that Apple has not launched the iPhone 8 yet.

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