Toshiba cancels Wearvue smart glasses launch at the last minute

Once upon a time a popular, respected and profitable tech brand, Toshiba has been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. It lost a whopping $8 billion in market value following an ugly accounting scandal, and ended up unloading its imaging sensor division to Sony as part of a “rebuilding initiative.”

The desperate restructuring and cost-cutting efforts have apparently spread to the wearable business the Japanese giant was looking to get into, with the Wearvue TG-01 discontinued before it could even go on sale.

Announced on January 13, the Toshiba Wearvue smart glasses reportedly “gained great interest, including among the media” in subsequent weeks, but that wasn’t enough to convince the company the product would convert curiosity into decent box-office numbers starting February 29.

Ergo, the optical head-mounted display is now revoked from manufacturing for good. Toshiba’s overall interest in tackling the rapidly growing intelligent wearable industry may have also been suppressed by its need to make money or at least stop wasting it.

If you’re wondering why the Wearvue TG-01 doesn’t ring any bells, it’s because it really didn’t garner much buzz in the first place. It targeted warehouse and factory workers seeking a convenient, sleek, hands-free solution for checking out instruction manuals and other vital job-related information. In short, it was essentially doomed to oblivion or market indifference off the bat.

Good call, Toshiba, though it boggles the mind why you explored this path until now, likely misusing resources and R&D cash.

Source: WSJ Digits

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