Toshiba TG01 Spotted Running Windows Phone 7 [Update]

Well here’s something you don’t see everyday: a Toshiba TG01 — codenamed Tsunagi, and first announced at Mobile World Congress 2009 — running Windows Phone 7. The photo was captured on Microsoft’s Redmond campus by a TechRadar team taking a tour of the mobile development and testing facilities. The article notes that a number of unreleased devices were spotted from the likes of Acer and Toshiba, meaning that the TG02 or even possibly the TG03 may become a Windows Phone 7 too.

Although this model was one of the first to pack Qualcomm’s 1GHz Snapdragon processor, it originally shipped with Windows Mobile 6.1, later receiving a 6.5 upgrade. With its capacitive WVGA screen and speedy CPU, the TG01 would seem to be a good candidate for WP7 testing, although its 256MB of RAM would seem to fall below Chassis 1 specifications (but then again, AT&T’s Samsung Focus is supposedly equipped with an identical amount).

We certainly know that it’s possible to shoehorn Windows Phone onto an HD2 with enough work, so this image gives further hope that other legacy devices will see cooked WP7 ROMs as well.

Update: Two mistakes here — the TG01 has a resistive screen, not capacitive, and we incorrectly stated that 256MB does not meet the minimum Chassis 1 requirements (it is actually the minimum). Thanks to bluefisch200 and Morgan G for the heads up(s).

Source: TechRadar

Via: WMPoweruser

Image: TechRadar

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