Toshiba TG-01 Joins The (Unofficial) Windows Phone 7 Party

The Toshiba TG-01, aka Tsunagi, was the world’s first smartphone to come out with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. It was running Windows Mobile 6.1 and now, just like the HTC HD2, is (unofficially) running Windows Phone 7.

The TG-01 has been spotted running Windows Phone 7 before and its specs definitely allow for the new Redmond platform operation. Its processor is 1GHz and RAM is 256MB which suit the minimum hardware specs Microsoft has set out for OEMs. Hardware features, just like in the case of the HTC HD2 — which has roughly double the RAM of the TG-01 — are the same as those on the Dell Venue Pro which is the only Windows Phone to sport 256 MB of RAM. It doesn’t have a dedicated Search and Camera button though it has a Home and Back capacitive button.

Source: YouTube

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