Back during the CES, we learned that Toshiba was planning to bring its 10.1-inch AT200 tablet to the United States as the Excite 10. While we had pricing information for the tablet, set to be available as a $530 16GB model or a $600 32GB version, we didn’t hear any stabs at a US launch date more precise than sometime around the middle of this quarter. Today, Toshiba announces the tablet’s availability as well as gives its name a slight adjustment.

Instead of the Excite 10, the manufacturer will now release the tablet in the States as the Excite 10 LE. Toshiba didn’t give a reason for the name change, or explain if this really is some kind of limited edition, or if LE means anything at all. From the specs the company’s provided, it still sounds like the very same tablet we’ve been expecting, so this looks like a change in name only, rather than a hardware variation.

As for when the Excite 10 LE will arrive, Toshiba’s decided on March 6 for a launch date. With Apple just having confirmed March 7 for what will likely be its iPad 3 announcement, there’s definitely a bit of hubris involved in Toshiba releasing its own tablet just one day earlier.

Source: Toshiba

Via: Android Guys

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