Yet another Windows 10 tablet/laptop hybrid trudges on Microsoft Surface-dominated turf, aiming to stand out with a high-precision pen accessory, quite possibly the sleekest design in the niche, and a series of pre-loaded business-centric apps.

Meet the slim but robust and versatile Toshiba DynaPad, which somehow manages to tip the scales at 569 grams in tablet mode and 996 when docked to a handsome, spacious keyboard. The profile measures just 6.6 and 14.9mm thick respectively, compared to the Surface Pro 4, which starts at 8.45 millimeters and a weight of 766 grams.

At 12 inches in display diagonal, the DynaPad may look out of the non-Pro Surface 3’s league at a first glance, though the 1,920 x 1,280 screen resolution count and Intel Atom inside aren’t exactly a match for the Pro 4’s super-sharp 2,736 x 1,824 panel and zippy Core i3/i5 Skylake CPU options.

The DynaPad is said to pack an average 4GB RAM, with no words on higher-end configurations yet. Other key technical details, including battery life, connectivity and storage, also remain under wraps, as Microsoft and Toshiba insist on highlighting creativity-encouraging features as primary selling points.

The Wacom Active Electrostatics TruPen with 2,048 levels of pressure probably comes standard in the Toshiba DynaPad retail box, improving note-taking and drawing accuracy while “allowing you to maintain your natural writing style.”

Enterprise users should be happy to hear updated versions of productivity-boosting software like TruNote, TruCapture, and TruRecorder are offered as well, albeit for the extravagant price of JPY 130,000 in Japan, i.e. $1,085.

Even with the bundled keyboard, that sounds steep, and Toshiba might want to considerably lower it in early 2016, when the DynaPad spreads to the US and Europe.

Sources: Windows Blog, The Verge

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