Top S Pen features on the Galaxy Note8: all new, if the Note7 never existed (Video)

The Galaxy Note8 has arrived on scene with a slim body, a big screen and more cameras than ever before. Oh yeah, there’s also the S Pen — part of what makes the Note a Note.

Being brutally honest, most of the features that are with the S Pen today were with the Note7 before it, but since the battery recalls, we really have gone without a Samsung phablet with a stylus for a couple years now. Whether or not these features are new, they’re new to hold and feel and like again.

As with the phone, the S Pen is IP68 water and dust resistant, It has a 0.7mm nib and can detect 4,096 levels of pressure — if only to impress spec sheet hawks. Unlike the Note5 (remember, that’s the last existing Note product beside the very limited Note FE), it won’t be a world-ending event if you stick the S Pen in backwards.

However, like the Note5, it does bring back the Screen off memo feature, but you can take up to 100 pages of notes before being forced to save. Stepping up from doodles on a flat picture, Live Animations bring movement to your doodles by converting your trace path into a GIF — perfect for mustache scribbles come to life. And the translation feature is back and beefier than ever — though we find that hovering over the text we want to translate is somewhat of a sore point.

We go over these features at length with our video above. Stay tuned for more Galaxy Note8 coverage.

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