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Top 5 Uses for a VPN in 2019

By Jonathan Samson November 22, 2019, 10:20 am

You’ve heard it before: using a VPN can not only protect your online identity but can allow you to bypass geographical restrictions that, for example, don’t let you access certain pieces of content from certain countries. Let’s take a look at the best reasons you should use a VPN in 2019. And remember, VPNs aren’t only for PC. You can download a vpn for iOS and be protected.

Keep it Simple

There are hundreds of articles written about why you should use a VPN. But here’s the most important reason: the process works so seamlessly, there are so many benefits, the process is so easy, and the pricing is so reasonable, there’s really no excuse not to.


Using a VPN on a mobile device is as simple as downloading and running an app. On PCs, most VPN providers offer a browser plugin that lets you, with one-click, connect or disconnect, routing traffic through any selected geography. Before you choose a VPN take a look at the reviews for its browser plugin if that functionality is important to you.

Access streaming services while traveling

Some streaming services, whether Netflix, HBO Go, or Hulu will only work if you’re accessing them through a US IP address. Several of these services have different content lineups in different countries. You can use a VPN to make it appear as if you’re accessing the services from the US, even if you’re in another country. There are all sorts of geo restrictions on content across the Internet. VPNs fix that.

VPNs can also let you access services when the network itself is blocking them. For example, in-flight wifi networks often block streaming content. School networks may block other types of content. VPNs fix that.

Protect your data

When you use a VPN, your internet traffic is encrypted on both ends with military-grade security. This is especially important when using public WiFi or an untrusted network such as that of a hotel. It’s really hard to overstate how insecure these networks can be. Anyone with access to the network can monitor the traffic from any other device. The access points and routers themselves are also very easy for hackers to compromise, allowing them to spread malware to any device that connects. Really, you should never even connect to someone else’s wifi–let alone utilize important passwords or access personal data–without a VPN.

Make yourself untrackable

By choosing a server near your home, VPNs can ensure that you no one knows when you’re physically on vacation. Virtually, VPNs ensure that your Internet usage is anonymous, foiling airlines that try to raise your prices based on search history, annoying retargeting ads that follow you around the Internet, or anyone else that wants to track what you’re doing.

And no, browser incognito mode, which just hides your Internet history from the browser itself. isn’t enough. A VPN effectively hides your traffic from everyone– the site’s you’re visiting as well as your ISP. This ensures, for example, that your ISP can’t throttle your speeds when visiting specific sites.

Get better deals

You can indeed find better deals on certain flights and hotels by routing traffic through a VPN server located in another state or another country as certain sites will serve different pricing by IP region.

If you’re not convinced a this point, you’re just lazy. Go get a VPN!

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