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Top 5 phone cameras (of the first half) of 2016!

By Juan Carlos Bagnell May 9, 2016, 4:15 pm

Here at Pocketnow, we pride ourselves on producing some of the most in depth lifestyle examinations of smartphone performance available online. Recently we’ve taken to reviewing phone cameras in the same way we might examine a standalone camera. Our Real Camera Reviews are deep-dive videos for folks who want to know as much about photo and video performance as we can demonstrate while shooting in real world conditions.

The major phone releases for the first half of 2016 have all been reviewed. Looking at Samsungs, HTCs, LGs, Huaweis, and iPhones, which phone cameras rise to the top for the first half of 2016? Let’s take a quick tour through our favorite cameras, our favorite lenses, and our favorite apps from the best of the best. These manufacturers all deserve accolades for producing competitive solutions, but there can only be one top winner. Here’s our top 5 phone cameras (of the first half) of 2016!

Did we nail it? Were we WAY off base? We know you have opinions, and we want to hear them! Which camera this year inspired you to take better photos? Which camera impressed you the most? Drop us a comment below, and hopefully we can get into some fun debates!

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