TomTom Disinterested in Windows Phone 7 Too?

After the CoPilot team revealed their disinterest in bringing their GPS navigation app to Windows Phone 7, another giant in the industry seems to be following the same path. According to French site MonSmartphone, TomTom doesn’t have any immediate plans for a WP7 app either. “We have yet no information about it, so we are unable to tell you a release date or even if a future compatible product is expected,” said a representative for TomTom. We’ve seen TomTom on Windows Phone 6.x in the past, so their reluctance to jump on-board with Microsoft’s latest mobile offering is a bit puzzling, to say the least.

It appears, for now, that the search for a turn-by-turn navigation solution continues, at least for those who aren’t supplied with one out of the box. Did you expect a more widely available selection of Windows Phone 7 navigation choices by now? Are you still maintaining a fair amount of patience as the platform’s user base continues to grow? Let us know your thoughts below.

Source: MonSmartphone

Via: PhoneArena, WMPU

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