Tizen incentivizes devs with up to $9 million in prize funds

Samsung hasn’t been giving its full-throated support to Google’s Android operating system recently. Sure, the brand is a little unstable at this point off of the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, but it is maintaining hardware unit sales above nine digits and has an rival operating system, Tizen, that has worked to fit the chaebol’s other intelligent products.

With Google closing the Android vice ever the more, placing its Pixel phones in contention with partner OEMs, why does Samsung have to follow someone else’s rules? Why can’t it follow its own scrawlings on its own ecosystem? Simply put, app developers don’t think much to develop a Tizen app. And an ecosystem of apps would really help if you want to migrate your customers to a familiar, but different product.

Enter the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program where, for the next nine months, the developers of the top 100 apps for the Samsung Z1, Z2 or Z3 can get $10,000 per app (with the award only given once per app overall). Devs can join in on the fun starting in January. Any apps that were developed with financial support from the Tizen Association (which Samsung effectively leads) or Samsung, pre-load apps and apps made by Samsung employees is not eligible.

So, $1 million a month through October 31 is up for grabs. Maybe Samsung can make a juggernaut out of Tizen as Motorola tries to spike Moto Mod development with its own incentive.

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