BlackBerry made a controversial move when finally jumping on the Android bandwagon, and while the financially struggling Canadian company insists it remains committed to its own proprietary platform, throwing in the OS towel altogether seems the right call nowadays.

It started looking that way a long time ago, to be honest, as BlackBerry OS not only fell considerably behind the two market leaders holding the industry in a dangerous duopoly situation, but also lost contact with the bronze medalist.

Needless to highlight Windows Phone (or should we say Windows Mobile now?) isn’t in a rosy position either, as double-digit share appears a more distant dream by the day. And all of a sudden, Tizen rises to fourth, according to Strategy Analytics, despite essentially accounting for one single device in Q3 sales, and a handful of emerging Asian countries.

Believe it or not, the low-end Z1’s thriving popularity in India, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka was enough for Samsung’s fledgling operating system to beat both BlackBerry OS and Firefox between July and September, although obviously, the gaps to Android, iOS and even WP are quite large.

Frankly, we don’t know if this is to be interpreted as a sign Tizen can truly become a contender after Z3’s expansion, or as the tombstone of Passport’s pre-loaded software package. It’s probably both, and as far as the former is concerned, the Samsung Z3 will likely debut in stores across 11 European markets soon, including the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

Meanwhile, in India, Samsung claims Tizen sits immediately behind Android in the budget segment, which as you can imagine, is a little hard to verify.

Source: Strategy Analytics
Via: The Verge, SamMobile

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