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$1,600 titanium RED Hydrogen One starts shipping

By Anton D. Nagy April 9, 2019, 4:00 am

RED promised a titanium Hydrogen One when the phone was first introduced in 2017. The company even took pre-orders, at full price ($1,595), and promised to deliver the titanium version by September of last year. Those who pre-ordered the titanium model were not happy to hear that RED was delaying the product, but the company decided to send them a standard aluminum variant.

RED is making it up to those owners now by sending them the promised (and pre-ordered) titanium version of the phone with no extra costs. Aside from the titanium finish, this particular model doubles the storage capacity at 256GB. The rest is pretty much the same, including the Snapdragon 835, which was, back in 2017, a flagship-grade processor. It’s been almost two years in the making, but those who paid $1,600 got themselves a limited edition Android phone with 2017 specs.

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