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The new normal has disturbed dating life for the single people out there. In this pandemic world, Tinder is giving its users a practical solution to seeing the other person with the new one-on-one video chats feature. The company has announced it has begun testing the ‘Face to Face’ chat feature in the U.S., Brazil, South Korea, and several other countries. 

Tinder claims that around half of its surveyed users said they had video dates outside of the service in the past month, Moreover,  forty percent of younger GenZ members wanted video chats even after they could date in person again. Hence, the company is rolling out ‘Face to Face’ as another layer of the Tinder experience. To prevent any potential harassment ahead of time, Tinder will ask users to offer feedback about video chats once they’ve ended, as well as report users as usual.

To get on a video call with a person on tinder, you need to match with a person and you both have to enable the feature. Further, you can turn it off at any point if you don’t feel up to chatting with a prospective date. Moreover, both parties should agree to Tinder’s ground rules, which basically call for “PG” rated chats without nudity, harassment and violence, as per TechCrunch.

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