Tim Cook forgot to wear his dad jeans when he visited the University of Oxford this week. In giving a talk to student and alumni members of a business accelerator at the school — it’s actually a lovely conversation for entrepreneur types conducted by The New Yorker‘s David Remnick that you should take the time to listen to — the CEO of Apple couldn’t keep the iPhone X he was pocketing in his khakis.

In the sitting position and with poorly designed pockets for his pants — perhaps the seat he was on was a bit low for his bottom and gravity helped out — the distinctly prized iPhone with its vertically-oriented dual-camera system at its rear popped out of the man’s right pocket. And it slid out. And he had to pull down the cuffs upon his legs to keep his unique purple and pink socks in check. Eventually, as Redmond Pie captures, he just decided to leave the phone on the sofa.

We should note that the iPhone X is sized closer to a traditional 4.7-inch iPhone than a 5.5-inch model, though it is a tad thicker than either version. That said, it could just as well be any other phone that slid out of that sheath.

The lesson today? Get better pockets, now, before you pre-order an iPhone X on October 27.

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