Tim Cook concedes iPhone ‘prices are high’ in India, but isn’t looking to lower Apple’s quality bar

It’s not only China that should make Apple investors nervous on the heels of a steep Q1 decline in global iPhone sales, as the world’s most profitable corporation seems to have little room for growth in many Western markets as well, while a few emerging ones aren’t warming up to costly iDevices yet.

India in particular feels like a major concern for CEO Tim Cook, who visited the country for the first time last week to chiefly try to persuade Prime Minister Narendra Modi into giving refurbished iPhones his blessing.

That reportedly didn’t work out so well, as the Indian government continues to pressure Apple to open local hardware manufacturing plants, with Cook merely committing to a maps facility and “accelerator of apps”, which however he promises will bring many jobs and attract big investments in the world’s fastest-surging smartphone market.

Meanwhile, physical retail stores in India seem like a matter of time, although they’re still not technically a done deal, and iPhone prices… should really go down. Tim Cook says as much in an exclusive interview with NDTV, but doesn’t propose solutions to the pickle, refusing to compromise on the quality of products sold anywhere.

As always, Apple is “about making the best” at all costs and will “never make a product we’re not proud of”, thus rejecting the possibility of ever competing in the same price brackets as many hugely popular Androids in India.

Still, Cook doesn’t negate objective reality, admitting “prices are high” and iPhone functionality lacking in certain parts of the world, but the former is blamed on “duties, taxes and the compounding of those” that “take the price and makes it very high”, while the latter is being worked on as we speak, with Apple Pay and other trendy apps and services headed for India soon.

Sources: Hindustan Times, NDTV (YouTube)
Via: TechCrunch

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