Tim Cook tweets hilariously shoddy Super Bowl pic, iPhone haters instantly react

Apple’s CEO of almost half a decade isn’t exactly an active person on social media. You won’t find Tim Cook constantly taunting his company’s rivals on Twitter, as T-Mobile’s John Legere does, or even sharing frequent personal updates on Facebook, like Mark Zuckerberg.

In fact, before last night, the grand total of tweets posted on @tim_cook in 2016 was seven, the most recent of which hit the e-waves a couple of weeks back. But since he’s in charge of the business world’s biggest cash cow, his following nears 2 million people, who finally saw their patience rewarded as the Denver Broncos wrapped up their impressive victory over the Carolina Panthers.

Tim Cook, no doubt in attendance of Super Bowl 50 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, rushed to flaunt his enthusiasm (and exceptional seats) immediately after the big game ended, tweeting a photo which showed the on-pitch celebration of the winning team.

Or at least, we guess that’s what the snapshot’s supposed to show, given the darned thing turned out too blurry to make out any sort of detail. It was obviously careless of Tim Cook to publish the pic before checking its quality, and a second, much clearer photo couldn’t stop the ensuing roast of the iPhone presumed to have produced the flub.

Hundreds of the exec’s “fans” were quick to mock the iOS handheld that’s generally known to deliver very sharp photographs, even in the trickiest lighting conditions and while moving, some recommending a Samsung instead (duh), and others using the famous “shot on an iPhone 6” advertising slogan against Apple’s head honcho.

How long do you think the competition will feed off this arguably monumental PR gaffe? Until the next Super Bowl? Probably.

Source: Twitter

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