There are a lot of things to like about OLED screens. They can have really bold colors, incredible contrast levels with the deepest blacks around, and can save a lot of battery life when paired with a UI optimized for their use. They’re not without their problems, though, and Apple CEO Tim Cook seems to harbor a special distaste for them, recently sharing his thoughts at a Goldman Sachs investor conference in San Francisco.

Cook’s main beef is with how OLED screens accurately (or not so much) reproduce colors, calling their saturation levels “awful.” Color balance is a known problem with OLED screens, stemming from both efficiency concerns and degradation issues with their blue subpixels in particular. Companies try to compensate for these effects by making blue OLED subpixels extra-large, as you can see above, but for Cook, it still apparently all falls short.

Considering Samsung’s affinity for OLED displays, this can’t help but feel a bit like bad-mouthing its Galaxy phones. Cook also seemed to take a jab at Samsung’s branching-out into larger Note devices, saying that companies concentrate on superficial things like size when they otherwise can’t “create an amazing experience” for their users.

Source: CNET
Image: Matthew Rollings

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