“It’s not true that iPhone isn’t built in the United States.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with MSNBC and Recode reporters for a town hall-style program called “Revolution: Apple Changing The World.” Over the course of the taping, Cook addresses many topics, but took specific issue with questions about Apple’s relationships with not just Chinese assemblers but other foreign companies involved in the making of a typical iPhone.

Observers “fixate” on the labor-intensive assembly process, which happens mostly in China. However, it’s a “global world” that allows cost efficiency in getting screens from American glass manufacturer Corning, chips from Broadcom plants in Texas and the TrueDepth camera system assembled in the same state with everything going to China and back near the end of the process.

Still, when Apple was given an opportunity for big savings in a new tax bill, the company outlined a plan to create 20,000 jobs across the company and its supply chain. President Donald Trump has been egging the company onto building plants in the United States. But was that political pressure the tipping point?

From Recode:

We “don’t need political pressure” to create American jobs, Cook said. “We’ve already been doing this.”

“We know that Apple could only have been created in the United States,” he said, drawing applause from the audience. “We love this country. We’re patriots. This is our country. [We] want to create as many jobs in the U.S. as we can.”

MSNBC will air “Revolution: Apple Changing the World” on Friday, April 6, at 8pm Eastern.

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