Whether you agree with Apple’s controversial “power management” policies for older iPhones or not, it’s pretty clear the company’s apology offered to disgruntled users in the wake of revealing benchmarks came a little late.

But the discounted battery replacement program sure kicked off in a timely manner, even though some folks need to wait a lot longer than others for their system performance to be restored.

Meanwhile, CEO Tim Cook finally took the time to personally apologize for the whole shebang in an exclusive ABC News interview on the day of a couple of big financial announcements.

Cupertino’s skipper couldn’t “stress enough” that “our actions were all in service of the user”,  admitting to a certain lack of transparency “at a point in time”, and an inability to properly and thoroughly explain the company’s “purest actions.”

Before you jump down Cook’s throat for what may seem like a sugarcoating and misrepresentation of some arguably shady tactics, it appears your prayers have been answered. We already knew a software update would come in “early 2018” to “give users more visibility into the health of their iPhone’s battery”, but according to the latest official statements, this iOS revision will also include the option to disable advanced power management functionality.

Tim Cook is adamant that Apple doesn’t recommend you actually use this “feature”, but if you understand the risks, and value speed more than system stability and battery health, you will apparently be free to shut performance throttling off.

Keep in mind that you’ll be exposing yourself to potential unexpected device shutdowns, at least according to Apple, as your iPhone battery degrades, and most likely, iOS 11.3 will bring to the table both in-depth battery fitness information and this on/off switch for performance reductions.

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