Tim Cook discusses new products and even mobile payments in recent interview

Even though Apple is quite famous for its secrecy, a lot has gone wrong in that department lately, and we wonder if this is intentionally driven in order to lower the buzz from competing devices. We’ve heard tons of rumors regarding the future of the iPhone, iPad and even the iWatch, and most of this will apparently see the light of day in 2014. If you’re wondering why Apple has taken so long while competitors like Samsung have all the market to themselves, Apple’s CEO has an answer for that.

Tim Cook was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal after the company’s quarter results, and regarding new products from Apple, Cook is quite optimistic and had this to say:

“You want to take the time to get it right. Our objective has never been to be first. It’s to be the best. To do things really well, it takes time. You can see a lot of products that have been brought to market where the thinking isn’t really deep and, as a consequence, these things don’t do very well. We don’t do very many things so we spend a lot of time on every detail and that part of Apple isn’t changing. It’s the way we’ve operated for years and it’s the way we still operate. I feel great about what we’ve got coming. Really great and it’s closer than it’s ever been”

And following the rumors of Apple looking into the mobile-payments market, Cook also manifested that:

“I think it’s a really interesting area. We have almost 800 million iTunes accounts and the majority of those have credit cards behind them. We already have people using Touch ID to buy things across our store, so it’s an area of interest to us. And it’s an area where nobody has figured it out yet. I realize that there are some companies playing in it, but you still have a wallet in your back pocket and I do too which probably means it hasn’t been figured out just yet.”

Obviously, as with everything that comes from Apple, Tim Cook doesn’t really reveal anything concrete. Hopefully we will see some action later this year, as Apple is in need of something new and hot to gain new customers.

Source: WSJ
Via: 9to5Mac

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