Tim Cook teases Apple Watch-adjacent medical device, predicts new quarterly sales record

During an iPad Pro promotional tour of the UK, Apple’s head honcho tackled the gargantuan tablet’s strong points and weaknesses in several interviews, also addressing rumors of future Apple Watch editions requiring FDA approval.

Tim Cook remains adamant his company’s mainstream wearable device will not become a medical-first product anytime soon, thus skipping the Food and Drug Administration process that “would hold us back from innovating too much”, stretching the upgrade cycle beyond the widely accepted year or so Cupertino usually takes between major hardware releases.

Nonetheless, Apple is apparently considering putting “something adjacent” through the FDA wringer, which could be as mundane as a health-centric app or “maybe something else.” In other words, it’s not an app, it’s an iDevice meant to save lives, much like the Apple Watch purportedly did for a high school football player with elevated heart rate tracked by the timepiece, leading to a checkup that uncovered various imminent organ failures.

Unfortunately, no specifics were shared about this “adjacent” future product, and Apple Watch sales numbers were again mentioned in passing, with a new record forecasted for Q4. Right, but will it be 4 million, 5 million, 10 million units?

We’ll probably never know, but at least the iPad Pro’s goal is crystal clear. It’s to make notebooks and desktops altogether obsolete, though we’re guessing Tim Cook still wants Macs to sell. And smaller iPads, even though he admits the larger iPhones have greatly diminished their appeal.

On the thorny subject of data privacy and encryption, Apple’s CEO leaves little room for mystery or interpretation, saying “To protect people who use any products, you have to encrypt.” Also, “we believe very strongly in end to end encryption and no back doors.” Period, and if the UK doesn’t like it, it can probably kiss iPhones and iPads goodbye.

Source: The Telegraph

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