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TikTok will ask users to reconsider before they post offensive comments

By Nadeem Sarwar March 10, 2021, 8:40 pm
tiktok reconsider offensive comments

TikTok is riding a wave of unprecedented growth and popularity right now, especially in the US market. But if the history of social media platforms over the past decade has taught us anything, it is that the chances of abusive behavior and toxic content multiply as the number of users grow at a rapid pace. TikTok aims to tackle the aforementioned issues and promote positive experiences on its platform with two new featuresthe ability to filter all comments on posts and a prompt that asks users to reconsider before they post an offensive or harmful comment.

tiktok comments filters


Starting with comments, TikTok’s Comment filters page now has a new option that automatically hides all comments on a post unless the person behind the post approves them. There is also a ‘Filter spam and offensive comments’ toggle that can be enabled to hide recent comments containing offensive words. TikTok users can also take advantage of the ‘Filter keywords’ that targets certain words and phrases which violate the community guidelines for foul language.

titkok comment reconsider

The second new feature announced by TikTok is a reconsideration prompt. This will manifest in the form of a prompt that advises users to do a double-check before they post a distasteful or unsavory comment. This will be shown if the comment contains offensive or unkind words that have been logged in TikTok’s own library governing platform guidelines.

tiktok q&A

Earlier this month, TikTok also rolled out a new Q&A feature for all creators. Originally spotted testing back in January, it allows users to identify their comments as Q&A questions, a process that labels their comments for easier identification. Creators can then choose to answer these questions in the comments section with a text-based reply or a short video. “A Q&A profile link will also be added to creators’ Profile bios, which leads to a separate Q&A page where all questions and answers are aggregated,” TikTok says.


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