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TikTok videos may soon become longer than the current three minutes limit

By Sanuj Bhatia August 26, 2021, 3:00 am
TikTok TV app

The popular short-video social media app TikTok is testing a new feature for its app. After increasing the video limit to three minutes late last year, TikTok is testing a new time limit for the videos on its platform. According to a new leak, the company is testing a longer 5-minute video upload limit with a small group of users.

In December last year, the social media giant increased the time limit of videos to three minutes. Now that limit will be raised once again, this time, to support videos that are up to five minutes long. The news was first reported by social media consultant Matt Navarra on Twitter. He a screenshot of the new upload limit on Twitter hinting at the new time limit feature.


Currently, the feature is available to only a small set of users. Those selected to try out the new limit will receive a notification from the app saying it now accepts video uploads of up to 5 minutes. In addition to 5-minute uploads, there are some people that are seeing the time limit of 10 minutes as well, so it seems that TikTok is testing the appropriate time limit is before enabling it for everyone.

The new time limit may attract more people over to the vertical video-sharing app. Currently, a lot of creators say that the video-sharing app isn’t that informational since not all of the information can be covered in a three-minute video. If the feature goes live for all users, TikTok may see new creators joining the platform.

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