Mobvoi is back into the crowdfunding pool once again, but this time, you won’t be able to tickle your watch to make it do things. Instead, the Chinese company behind the Ticwatch has opted to run with more conventional designs for Android Wear 2.0 watches — the Ticwatch Express and Ticwatch Sport — with daringly affordable prices.

The Ticwatch Express is the more style-minded choice for consumers as it has a thin case bezel. The Ticwatch Sport goes for a band-integrated design and extends the GPS antenna out through it to maximize reception. Amazingly, the Ticwatch E also has a GPS, it’s just embedded into the case. Both have Wi-Fi b/g/n, a heart rate monitor, microphone, speaker, IP67 resistance and connect to master devices through Bluetooth 4.1.

In other words, barring cellular connectivity, Mobvoi has enabled consumers to get in on the Android Wear 2.0 experience at basement level prices. How low? Well, full retail for the Ticwatch E stands at $159 while the Ticwatch would cost $199.

However, “Super Early bird” Kickstarter backers got a discount batch from $99 and $119, respectively. As of this post, both are on the “Early bird” stage at $119 and $139. Once that runs out, they’ll jump to $145 and $165. Deals are abound if you bundle some special “Ticpods” wireless earbuds at $25 a la carte and buy multiple units.

You have until August 18 at 4am Eastern to pick to join in on this overfunded gravy train — $466,031 has been pulled from over 3,000 backers for a $100,000 goal. Shipments should begin between October and November.

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