It’s been four years to the day that Palm’s would-be savior platform, webOS, launched to much hoopla with the original Pre. And though the days since have been dark ones indeed for the all-but-dead platform, we thought it would be nice to indulge our nostalgia on this, the anniversary day of “20090606,” with a Palm Pre unboxing.

Fortunately, our own Michael Fisher happened to have a like-new Palm Pre box, an artifact from a launch-day excursion to his local Sprint store all those years ago. And while the Pre within might charitably be called “well-loved” in terms of its physical condition, he still manages a signature screen protector peel-off – while spouting a bevy of mawkish memories only a fanboy could love. Is it a little over the top? Yes. Is webOS worth it? Also yes.

If you don’t remember the high points of the little-platform-that-couldn’t, take a gander at our editorial on what people loved about webOS, and for a quick rundown of the timeline, check out our piece on Palm’s WTF history. Then, once you’ve achieved the right mix of confusion, sadness, and the impotent frustration only a true missed opportunity can bring, dive in for our trip down memory lane – because we’re about to share our experience on #20090606, the Palm Pre launch day, over a one-of-a-kind Pocketnow Throwback unboxing.

After you watch, jump on down to the comments to share your own webOS remembrances. And the next time you swipe away a notification on your Android device, start a universal search on your iPhone, or multitask with cards on your Windows Phone, pour a little out for the platform that all those ideas came from.

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