Throwback unboxing: HTC HD2 (Video)

Update: Our full Throwback Review of the HD2 is now available here!

Update 2: Looking for something a little more modern? Check out our full review of HTC’s latest flagship, the HTC One M8, here!

We’re real suckers for nostalgia at Pocketnow, as those who caught this week’s HTC Mogul throwback are already aware. As we approach the release of the company’s All New HTC One, we thought we’d continue mining the history of HTC for context – and it just so happens that one of the firm’s most significant achievements is also one of the most-requested devices for a Pocketnow Throwback.

This coming Monday, March 10, will see the release of our retro HTC HD2 review. Feel free to submit requests for coverage and fond recollections of your time with this versatile, powerful smartphone – but take note: filming is already underway at our Boston offices. So get those requests in quickly!

Until then, enjoy this throwback unboxing of the HTC HD2. The box may have an Android on it, and our palms might be a little sweaty, but the HD2 itself is as bright and shiny-new as anyone could ask for … and for a moment, it takes us right back to 2009.

HTC HD2 Throwback Unboxing

HTC HD2 Throwback Review

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