One of our biggest concerns this year, is that even though Windows Phone 8.1 is the most mature version of Windows Phone ever, there is very little hardware to showcase it. Surely Microsoft has been busy acquiring Nokia’s mobile division, and we can see that in how long it took the company to produce the first phone. The good thing is that credible sources claim this is about to change, and in decent quantities.

AdDuplex is about to announce its official numbers for how Windows Phone has performed lately, but the company has decided to give us a few teasers before the announcement. The teasers were sent through tweets, and among them we get details like the fact that Windows Phone 8.1 has gained more market share than Windows Phone 8 and 7 combined, which is a great thing. We also learn that Nokia Lumia devices own a significant chunk of the pie, which is good, but the problem is that another tweet claims that the top 4 selling Lumias in the US were not flagship devices. The teasers end by telling us that three new Windows Phones are in the works, though it seems that not all of these will be Lumias, and the display sizes range between 4 and 5.7-inches.

Sadly we don’t have any details as to when these new Windows Phones will be available, but we do hope these aren’t just carrier variants to the ones we already know.

Source: AdDuplex

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