Australian airlines ban in-flight Galaxy Note 7 use, but it’s not as bad as you think

While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is apparently still “working on guidance” related to Galaxy Note 7 fire hazards, exploring the possibility of prohibiting travelers from boarding US planes with the phone on them or even in carry-on and checked baggage, three Australian airlines have taken it upon themselves to nip the danger in the bud.

But at least for the time being, Qantas and Virgin’s bans aren’t anywhere as extreme as what American authorities might be considering. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners flying from and to the land down under will merely be asked they not use the fickle handhelds during their airborne journeys.

Specifically, a Qantas spokesman told Reuters, “following Samsung Australia’s recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 personal electronic device we are requesting that passengers who own them do not switch on or charge them in flight.” [emphasis added]

Nothing too unreasonable, if you think about it, though it just goes to add to a mountain of bad publicity for a mobile phone company that was on top of the world a measly few weeks back. It’s worth highlighting Qantas and Virgin are Australia’s two largest airlines right now, with the former also carrying over the voluntary “ban” to flights operated by low-cost subsidiary Jetstar. Ouch!

Source: Reuters

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