The conveniences of a smart home are many, but if you don’t protect yourself from hackers, you can make your private information vulnerable to an attack. For example, a lot of us have traded in our old school security cameras for newer WiFi-enabled ones that can transmit footage to our smartphones. But that footage is actually really easy for hackers to access, unless your camera encrypts the data, which is what the iPM World HD 360 Degree 1080p Wireless IP Camera does.

This camera is perfect for keeping your home safe because it offers all the things you want in a security camera: an HD panoramic 360 degree view you can move with the app, feeds you can access from your smartphone, infrared night vision, a compact size, and even a built-in microphone. But the real reason this camera is miles beyond others is because it also encrypts all of the data it captures, meaning hackers won’t be able to access that footage and see what times you’re home and when you’re out. After all, if someone were able to see the details of your home in real time, it wouldn’t be too hard to plan a burglary.

This camera from iPM World usually retails for $129.99 but readers can get it on sale today for just $44.99, a 65% discount.

by Christopher Jin

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