In what OnePlus calls the #NeverSettleFilm, there’s a man wearing a motion-tracking suit assembling some competitive stacking cups together, a bunch of rollerskating hula-hoopers wearing black-and-white animal heads, two girls using a gamepad to control a real-life bare-knuckle boxing match, a ringside man transforming into a bear holding a motion tracking pad, an astronaut unveiling a cake. Somewhere in there, there’s a OnePlus 5T.

But this film will go through rigorous re-shoots and re-editing to carry out ideas suggested by you, the viewer, before it gets used to launch the OnePlus 6.

The company is encouraging forum and social media users to comment on the post on what they think should go into the next versions of the ad. Names of those whose ideas have been included in the ad will be added onto the credits in subsequent versions.

“At OnePlus,” the voice-over proclaims, “your feedback helps us make better phones. So we’re asking you to make our advertising better, too.”

OnePlus has had a spate of odd ads recently. A 2017 ad has been banned from airing in the United Kingdom for excessive gore and violence.

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