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This is why the new Sony PlayStation 5 is lighter

By Roland Udvarlaki August 30, 2021, 8:00 am
PlayStation 5 colors

We told you last week that Sony has refreshed its PlayStation 5 gaming console. We found out some of the differences on the new PlayStation 5 and why the revised model is more than 300 grams lighter than the first generation.

Sony said that this is the first time they’re making a profit on the new generation of consoles, and it seems the company has now reduced some of its costs to improve that margin further a little.

Austin Evans, a popular YouTuber, has recently teardown the refreshed PlayStation 5 and noted several minor hardware changes, and some big ones. The screw on the stand has been redesigned, and it can now easily be unscrewed with just your fingers. There are new wiring for the Wi-Fi and possibly for other components as well.


The most notable change and why the new console is so much lighter is that the aluminum and copper heatsink has been reduced in size over the previous generation. The PlayStation 5 console is now 300g lighter, and it’s almost 16% lighter in mass than the previous heatsink. The larger the heatsink, the more heat it can disperse, keeping the console cooler. As a result, the new console runs hotter than the previous generation, but it doesn’t seem to affect the performance based on early tests.

Sony PlayStation 5 heatsink
Old generation (left), Revised Generation (right) – (Image Credit: Austin Evans)

There is also a new fan. It has deeper impeller grooves, which will likely push more air through the heatsink. This is likely used as a countermeasure for reducing the heatsink. The new console runs 3-5° C warmer than the predecessor.

Sony PlayStation 5 fan
(Image Credit: Austin Evans)

It’s unclear what software updates are in place to ensure the console doesn’t throttle and affect the performance. A small 5-degree C change could result in problems and could damage the internal components in a few years if it’s not cleaned properly.

Users will likely not notice any changes, and games will run just as smoothly as on the first generation. We’ll have to wait and see how the performance will be affected in a few years after the console has been on the market, but we’ll likely see more revised versions in the coming months and years ahead.

PlayStation 5

Sony PlayStation 5


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