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This is the Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2

By Anton D. Nagy December 5, 2020, 6:45 am
Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 close-up

This is the Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2…
…and it’s the best-looking smartwatch I’ve ever used.

I’m well aware, as I’m typing this, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it’s all a matter of taste, but how can you take an already gorgeous smartwatch, the HUAWEI Watch GT 2 Pro, and make it even more appealing?

This is not a review per se, as there are no differences in functionality compared to the previous model, the aforementioned GT 2 Pro. If you want to know about specs, features, functionality, hardware, and software, we advise you to read our Watch GT 2 Pro review.

We’re having more of a lifestyle and purist approach when looking at a Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2. As with any Porsche Design HUAWEI product, it’s not for everyone. It’s for purists, it’s for the exclusivists, and it’s for the die-hard fans of either one or both brands. We touched on that with the occasion of our Porsche Design HUAWEI Mate 30 RS feature.

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 in Porsche car


There are two aspects that make a product exclusive, unique, and valuable. On one hand, they are manufactured on a small scale, immediately making them scarce, and, on the other hand, their price tag, which is a reflection of that, and immediately takes them out of reach for most.

We can use the analogy of pebbles versus diamonds. Pebbles have no value because they’re abundant and you can find one within minutes if you look around. Diamonds, on the other hand, are rare to come by, and, if properly polished, are not only unique but also only affordable to a select few, while the others are left dreaming about them.

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 on keyboard

That’s exactly the case with Porsche Design HUAWEI products in general.

But, on the flip side, you do get something special in return, and you expect that once you shell out £629.00 for a product that has a £229.99 alternative, granted, not labeled Porsche Design.


Porsche Design took the Watch GT 2 Pro and made subtle changes to leave its minimalistic and purist design philosophy fingerprints.

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 on wrist

First of all, the materials have been exchanged for premium ones. The watch dial is made out of sapphire glass (similar to the GT 2 Pro), which is more resistant, and has a unique feeling to it when you touch it. The watch case itself is lightweight and durable, made of titanium, with a smooth finish which makes it both look good and feel good. 

Last, but not least, the watch strap. It is made out of the same titanium blending in seamlessly with the watch case. The back of the watch is made of ceramic, ensuring that the part which is in contact with your skin is both durable and comfortable at the same time.

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 unlinked

A subtle Porsche Design (PD) logo is etched on the clasp, with the full Porsche Design branding at the top of the watch dial. PD also brought in the automotive touches from Porsche cars and racing cars to the usage of the color red, visible on the watch dial, subtly around the two side buttons, and all the way throughout the software (more on that later).

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 on coffee table

The simplicity and excellence go into every detail of the strap. The butterfly deploying buckle not only conceals the connections to make the transition between the strap and itself seamless, but it is also simple to lock and unlock in a safe way.

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 buckle

The strap itself is not only easily detachable (there’s also a secondary strap inside the box, which is pretty much the premium strap the GT 2 Pro ships with) but very easy to resize, thanks to the attention to detail Porsche Design and HUAWEI invested.

Seven links on each side have their own telescopic connections, so you can easily snap them off, link by link, from both ends, to ensure a perfect fit.

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 links

Aside from being a smartwatch person, I am a watch person first. Never have I received as many compliments on a watch as when wearing this Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2, and believe me, I have quite a collection ranging from premium brands to designer editions.

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 buttons

For Porsche Design, conforming with their philosophy, every product is a statement, and that particular minimalistic and purist approach instantly makes you proud in showing off not only a beautiful product but making a statement yourself, knowing you’re part of an elite group of people who appreciate the work behind a unique product.


While functionality-wise, the watch offers the same features as its non PD variant, there are some subtle changes you’ll notice across PD HUAWEI smartphones and now the smartwatch.

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 menu

Just like in the case of the PD HUAWEI Mate 40 RS and Mate 30 RS before it, the icons (and overall theme) on the PD Watch GT 2 are red. This not only sets them apart from their non-PD brethren but this way Porsche Design brings in that particular automotive and racing component into technology.

Furthermore, the watch comes with exclusive watch faces that you can only find on this model, all built around the same signature design of Porsche car dashboards. These are Chronograph, Ultimate, Racing, and E-Pure. It also comes with an always-on watch face that carries that design over into a minimal power consumption mode.

Another subtle signature touch you’ll see is when you boot up or restart the watch. You’re no longer greeted by the HUAWEI logo, but, like in the case of PD HUAWEI phones, you’re booting up to the PD logo. Other people won’t likely see it, but you’ll know it’s there.

The value, the heritage

This is not an everyday watch, at least not in my mind. I couldn’t see myself wearing this to the gym, or shooting baskets. Heck, I wouldn’t even see myself wearing it with an attire below business casual.

The Porsche Design part of it is responsible for the extra price you’ll have to pay, but, by paradox, it is also the one that will reassure you that the timepiece will retain most of its original value. That’s usually the case with low volume/limited edition/exclusive products (only time will tell if the value could actually go up).

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 box

Porsche Design and HUAWEI are aiming this product at a specific niche target audience, one that not only needs no convincing that it’s priced “just right”, but one that appreciates it for what it is: the price of admission in an exclusive club of people who are either fans of the brand, its design, Porsche cars, or all of the above. 

Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2 resting

Porsche owners and PD fans will know exactly what I’m talking about, and this watch, similar to this post, is for them, those who most likely read it in its entirety without dismissing it, or the product as expensive (or offering up “cheaper” alternatives).

You can get the Porsche Design HUAWEI Watch GT 2, in select markets, for £629.00, or roughly the equivalent in other currencies.


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