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This is the only password you have to remember

By Anton D. Nagy June 2, 2021, 6:00 am

Credit card, debit card, internet banking password, Facebook login, Instagram credentials, e-mail password, secondary e-mail password, and the list goes on, depending on your online presence. Not to mention passwords to PayPal, Amazon, Uber, food delivery, or any other app or service that requires an account.

Sounds familiar? Yes, I know. That’s the downside of otherwise having everything accessible at your fingertips. If you followed the advice of security experts, you are not using the same password across multiple accounts, but, instead, you have a strong password for each individual app or service. I can only hope…


There’s no challenge in remembering all of those, as you (if you’re anything like me) likely already lost the battle with your limited human memory or time. 

I think you get my point by now; it’s a numbers game, and it’s a losing game. At one point or the other, you’ll get compromised. Enter NordPass!

NordPass Premium

What is NordPass?

To say that NordPass is a simple password manager is an understatement because it does so much more than just store your passwords securely. You can store secure notes, personal information, and even organize them in folders securely in its vault, and stop worrying about remembering everything or potentially losing data to third parties. 

It even comes with a browser extension that can auto-complete information as requested by websites. That’s available for Chrome, Safari, Opera, Brave, Edge, and Firefox. Why stop there when you can take the information you have stored with you? In addition to Windows, macOS, and Linux, NordPass is available for Android as well as iOS.

NordPass promotion

How much does NordPass cost?

While there is a free version of NordPass, in order to unleash its full potential, we recommend you go for a premium account. And really, you’ve got nothing to lose. First, there’s a free seven-day trial where you can take NordPass Premium for a spin. Second, there’s a 100 percent 30-day money-back guarantee, should you, for any reason, not be satisfied with what you’re getting, which I highly doubt. 

The cherry on top is that, at the time of writing this advertorial, there’s a special 70 percent off promotion on the two-year plan, going all the way through June 29.

Premium vs Free

Why exactly should you go Premium? You don’t have to. If storing passwords, notes, and credit cards securely is the only thing you’re interested in, use it for free. However, if you go Premium, you can access NordPass on multiple devices, share items securely, define trusted contacts, and gain access to tools like a password generator, password health checker, and even check if your sensitive data has been leaked online. You’ll be surprised. Trust me, I was! All of that for less than 35 bucks for a two-year plan? Are you kidding me? It’s a steal!

How I use NordPass Premium

My biggest challenge after creating my account and setting up the app was to remember my passwords, and where I stored those I couldn’t remember. At first, it was easy because the ones that I use on a daily basis are on the top of my mind, but it got a little more complicated as I was digging through the rest.

Remember how I told you in the headline that there’s only one password you need to remember? No, please, don’t use the same password everywhere! What I was referring to was the NordPass master password. Once you type in all of your accounts and credentials, your access to NordPass should be your only focus.

NordPass Credit Cards

There’s another way you can populate account credentials in NordPass, as it detects log-ins to websites and prompts you to save your passwords. Once you’ve done that, NordPass will remember the passwords and recognize websites as you go by your day, properly filling in the login info. 

I’ve also added all of my credit cards, debit cards, and other accounts (I’m sure I left something I haven’t been using for quite a while out), which got synced across my devices (my main computer and my phone, but it can go up to 6 devices with Premium).

And that’s it, I’m all set. As for secure notes, you can store anything in there, really. Not sure why you’d encrypt your grocery shopping list, but you can, if you want to. In my case there are only two entries at the moment: the Wi-Fi password at my friend’s crib, and a URL to a product I intend to gift one of my friends for her birthday. 

In the secure folder, I added my ID card (we use that around here similarly to how you use your social security number in the US), together with credit card information for cards I don’t own (yes, I’ve got access to other people’s credit cards).

data breach scanner

…and, of course, I had to (though I didn’t really want to initially) use the Data Breach scanner. You can see the results above, for my work email (which is publicly available). I’ve got some serious breaches on it in the past. Of course, the password is regularly being updated, but most of the breaches don’t have the user at their core. It’s the services you use that at one point experienced a massive database breach, exposing you (and several other users).

Why do I trust NordPass?

I have to admit, in the beginning, I was skeptical about trusting anyone or anything but myself with sensitive data. That was also during the time I had to remember just a handful of passwords and PIN codes. A dozen or more accounts, passwords, and PINs later, it’s simply no longer feasible to remember everything. The pandemic added food delivery and shopping services to the already long list of accounts and passwords, so I simply gave up on trying to do it all by myself.

NordPass was designed with security in mind by cybersecurity experts who use state-of-the-art encryption to protect your data. If you need to know, it’s the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm that takes care of that. 

Having that in place, I no longer worry about a data breach, and I can rest assured that the information I share securely with other NordPass users is encrypted, unlike sharing passwords via e-mail or messaging apps. 

Go ahead, try NordPass!

I challenge you to give NordPass a try. Don’t even bother going premium in the beginning. Just make the first step and try it for free, then go for the free seven-day trial of the Premium version. It will make your life easier. Say goodbye to password reset procedures (at best) and rest assured that there’s only one password you need to remember: your NordPass Master Password.

We thank NordPass for sponsoring this post!


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